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The Birth of Baby Bowls

Parents: We want grandkids

Me: The best I can do is some bowls

These baby bowls are made of cherry wood from EdOla Farm in Hazel Green, KY. Jerry Patton was kind enough to give me a load of lumber that had been milled on his farm 20 years ago. I am very appreciative of the generosity he has shown me and my family over the years.

It is such a pleasure making pieces that are not only useful but also meaningful. EdOla Farm has been home to the Storie Family Reunion since its move from Berea, KY in the 1990s. Using wood from trees that once shaded the hillsides of the farm gives an undeniable sense of belonging that the Storie family has built.

Many of the pieces I have made from EdOla Farm wood are currently owned by members of the Storie family. I can only hope that those who have my pieces are using them to share our family story.

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