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Est. 2017

JM. Woodworking began as a way for me to spend more quality time with my dad, a master carpenter who has taught me everything I know about this craft. My first project was a live edge, epoxy filled, black walnut desk. Together, we bent the metal to make the hairpin legs, planed the rough-cut lumber my dad had been saving for a special project, and stressed over the cure time of epoxy. This piece will forever be my favorite and serves as a reminder of the satisfaction woodworking brings me.

I spend my time in the workshop trying the most out of the materials I have. Scraps from my desk are still making appearances in pieces years later. The majority of wood used in my projects is salvaged from downed trees and locally milled. Each piece of wood has a story to be told. The connection to family, history, and community that the wood has makes each piece feel like an heirloom.

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