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Spoons. That's where my passion for woodworking really blossomed. I found one of the first spoons I ever made at my sister's house this summer. When I initially finished it I was so proud of my work, but now I'd do anything to take it back to my shop and make it "perfect". The saying is true, we are our own worst critic.

Having woodworking as an outlet for the feelings and ideas rolling through my head has allowed me to express my truest self. Putting 100% focus into each piece gives me the opportunity to emphasize the natural beauty each piece of wood offers.

Wood in and of itself is a medium that has stood the test of time and is rooted in history. Every piece of wood has a story to tell and I am doing my best to tell that story in the functional art I make.

I'm thankful that my skills have grown over the years and that my creativity is as strong as ever. Being able to look back at where my woodworking began only makes me want to do it more. And while those first few pieces may have been bumpy and rough, they were a labor of love that does not need to be "perfect".

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